Did Chicharito turn his back on the Mexican team? While El Tri played his pass to Qatar 2022, Javier Hernández played video games

Chicharito has not played for the Mexican team for more than two years.

Chicharito has not played for the Mexican team for more than two years.

Photo: Alejandro Gutiérrez Mora / Imago7

El Tri did not pass the tie in a new edition of the Concacaf Classic against the United States. This result generated the outrage of many fans who expected to see an Aztec victory. However, Javier Hernández sends some signals to Gerardo Martino and those who have excluded him from the Mexican team. Chicharito preferred to play video games while his teammates’ game was taking place.

The Los Angeles Galaxy attacker has developed his “gamer” facet in recent years. Just like Sergio “Kun” Agüero did, Chicharito broadcasts live on his Twitch account, while playing Call Of Duty Warzone.

A message for El Tri?

indifferent and unimportant, that may be the interpretation given to this attitude of Javier Hernández. In a transcendental moment for the Aztec team, Chicharito downplayed it and preferred to sit in a chair with a controller. It can also be taken as a feeling of acceptance to your constant exclusions of the Mexican group.

Is Chicharito El Tri’s solution?

The Mexican team accumulates only one goal in the last three games. Raúl Jiménez has been questioned a lot and that has paved the way for the demands of the fans on the social networks that they want the return of their all-time top scorer. Chicharito has been, for several months, the Aztec attacker who shows that he has a better performance during each day that he disputes.

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