Did two other celebrities leave ‘Top Chef VIP 3’?  What is happening on the Telemundo reality show?  – The NY Journal

Did two other celebrities leave ‘Top Chef VIP 3’? What is happening on the Telemundo reality show? – The NY Journal

Mark Tacher

This Friday they announced the departure of Mark Tacher from the reality show ‘Top Chef VIP 3’, for reasons that are still unclear. The news has been quite surprising for the program’s followers, since in just one week the controversial moments have already reached the most famous culinary competition on Hispanic television in the United States.

On Telemundo’s Instagram account they shared the news: “Today Mark Tacher leaves the competition. Raise your hand if you’ll miss him!”

Users reacted with hundreds of messages, in which they were impressed by the announcement, but above all by the lack of details.

“It took me by surprise, I was watching it for him,” “They should say why he resigned, but the truth is not to blame him for something he is not. Full support for Mark Tacher.”

But, it seems that he has not been the only one to leave the reality show, since Telemundo’s social networks ask about two other participants: Daniela Castro and Patricia Navidad.

The public is asking questions after they did not appear in this Friday’s episode and that is why they believe that they could soon announce that they are no longer part of ‘Top Chef VIP 3’.

For the Mexican singer and actress, for example, they left some comments on her Instagram account to ask her if everything was going well: “Where are you? I miss you, I watch the program for you, are you okay?”, “What happened, Paty? I looked for you and I looked for you, but you were not there. Without you I won’t watch the program”, “Paty, where were you?”

The reality show comes after the success of ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’, which had Puerto Rican actress Maripily Rivera as the winner.

In this third season of the cooking competition, they have brought together a group of celebrities with strong and even funny personalities. As is the case of Alicia Machado, Niño Prodigio, El Puma, among others.

Each day, participants face a series of tests to demonstrate their culinary skills. All in order for one of them to win the $200,000 dollar prize.

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