Discover the changes that Toni Costa has made in his new home

Discover the changes that Toni Costa has made in his new home

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the spanish dancer Toni Costa is still very happy to have bought his own house And now he does not get tired of showing off on social networks the arrangements he makes to his property.

Some days ago shared the remodel he did to the closet in the master bedroomwhich he will surely share with his new girlfriend Evelyn Beltrán. For this remodeling, the ex-husband of Adamari López hired the services of a company specialized in the construction of dressing rooms.

Following the same trend of hiring specialists, the Spanish installed blinds on the property with a luxury system. These blinds are thanks to Casa Blinds Interior.

Costa wrote: “I was amazed with my new blinds from Casa Blinds Interior Zebra styleI can have the privacy I need, like darkness to rest. Also, since I love technology, I can control them with a click or better yet, with my phone, with Alexa and as if that were not enough, I can make them do it by themselves if I program a routine, also ideal for when you travel”.

Without a doubt, the dancer was delighted and invited all his followers to use the same service, since they can choose from many models, colors and materials.

Another of the spaces in his house that he has proudly shown is the kitchen. This was done very recently through Facebook videos where he is seen cooking with chef James.

this kitchen It has fairly simple white cabinets and is equipped with stainless steel appliances.. Costa says that he now has chef James’ brand knives.

She confesses that since she is moving she still does not have everything she needs and is grateful that friends like James are part of the growth of her home.

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