Discover what the spiritual wedding of Carlos Adyan and Carlos Quintanilla was like – El Diario NY

Discover what the spiritual wedding of Carlos Adyan and Carlos Quintanilla was like – El Diario NY

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This has been a great weekend for television presenter Carlos Adyan and his husband Carlos Quintanillaas they celebrated their spiritual union in San Miguel Allende, Mexico. Everything has been immortalized on social networks.

Adyan and Quintanilla got married civilly in October of last yearand that ceremony It took place in the house of María Celeste Arrarásbut in their mind they always wanted to have a big wedding with many more guests and in a dream location.

The couple decided to give the exclusive about the wedding to ‘People en Español’ so there are many details that “Los Carlos” gave to the medium. For example Carlos Quintanilla gave up a lot during the organization of the big wedding.

The only thing they both agreed on and where there was no type of discussion was the location. They wanted to get married in Mexico and more specifically in San Miguel Allendea Mexican city known for its Spanish baroque architecture and for being a great cultural epicenter.

Where the wedding of Carlos Adyan and Carlos Quintanilla was held

Carlos Adyan and Carlos Quintanilla once again chose to choose the house of good friends as the setting, this time it was the large hacienda that Mariana Gutiérrez and her husband have in San Miguel Allende.

Thanks to the photos and videos shared, it is clear that it is a large property surrounded by trees and with modern style structures quite attractive, which contrasts with the architecture of the city.

It could be assumed that the wedding took place in the spaces where the guests stayed during the trip, but this is not certain.

For this spiritual ceremony the guest list was 400 people, among them the following stood out: Jacky Bracamontes, Pamela Silva, Zuria Vega, Lele Pons, Guaynaa, María Celeste Arrarás, Héctor Sandarti, Jorge Bernal and other Hispanic personalities.

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