Does Alicia Machado have a romance on the reality show ‘Top Chef VIP 3’?  – The NY Journal

Does Alicia Machado have a romance on the reality show ‘Top Chef VIP 3’? – The NY Journal

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The Venezuelan actress Alicia Machado She is a fan of reality shows, a format that, due to her extroverted personality, has worked for her to remain current among people.

This week, Miss Universe 1996 began her participation in ‘Top Chef VIP 3’where he has connected with many viewers, but also with the young Mexican actor Jason Romo.

In the first episodes they have been seen having fun and with an incredible chemistry that the audience has liked, to the point that on the Telemundo Realities Instagram account they asked people how they see this relationship. “Do you think there is heart here?” they wrote in a post in which the two participants appeared.

When asked, many considered that they only see a beautiful friendship. “Please don’t start Telemundo with fake relationships that want to harm anyone. They are beautiful companions and we support Alicia 100”, “Love of friendship. Ali is dating someone else”, “she is just a friend and a kitchen partner, that’s how I see them”.

Other messages they left were: “Alicia had fun and always had good energy”, “Alicia, the most beautiful and fun”, “In those reality shows they also play romances”.

In the premiere week, the Venezuelan starred in one of the first controversial moments, since she had differences with Niño Prodigio in the preparation of a dish, because she was leading a team.

“They have to let me tell them what to do, because otherwise it is very difficult for me,” he commented.

Due to the pressure, the former beauty queen’s mood changed, especially when they were going to plate. “Sorry, but I can’t waste time,” she said.

Some of her teammates noticed that she was stressed and tried to calm her down, especially El Puma, who was also on her team.

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