Does Christian Nodal deny Belinda a kiss on the mouth? Gossip No Like tells it

Christian Nodal and Belinda.

Christian Nodal and Belinda.

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That Belinda threw a mega birthday party for Christian Nodal. And it is that the young singer, her fiancé, turned 23 years of life. But Gossip No Like has also said that at the time of the hug, Nodal did not kiss Belinda on the mouth, only on the cheek and forehead. Why is it that Christian Nodal did not want to kiss his fiancée’s mouth?

This is how Chisme No Like, a program hosted by Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain, told it: “Happy Birthday. The Mexican regional singer turned 23 years old this Tuesday and it was with mariachi that Belinda sang las mañanitas to her fiancé. Although the interpreter of “Love at first sight” gave him a big hug, he did not kiss her on the mouth but on the cheek and forehead “.

Some have started to say that Christian Nodal and Belinda no they are truly a couple, that everything is part of a montage because they are covering the, supposedly, preferences of the young performer. In the comments base of the publication of Gossip No Like on Instagram you can read a message along this line: “Those are kisses of thanks. Rumors that they are not a couple are getting louder and louder, but that it is an assembly set up to cover Nodal’s preferences ”.

Others, meanwhile, laugh that by a kiss on the forehead and another on the cheek many already see problems in this relationship idyll. “According to you, I just found out that my husband doesn’t love me because he kisses me on the forehead, leave them alone.”

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