Does having your own home guarantee you an American visa?  The experts answer you

Does having your own home guarantee you an American visa? The experts answer you

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When it comes to removing the American visa tourist visa (or B1/B2 visa), the popular belief is that demonstrating wealth and high income is practically an automatic door to obtaining the desired document. In fact, through social networks related to tourism content in USAmany Internet users spread the belief that what helps the most to demonstrate solvency is having a home to your name.

Does having a house in my name guarantee me a US visa?

Actually, it is not an entirely unreasonable statement. The main thing to obtain the American visa tourist (B1/B2 visa) is to demonstrate solvency and strong ties with your country of origin. Of course, a house demonstrates both; However, no type of property automatically guarantees your entry and future tourist stay in the USA. Very often, the Embassy of USA in Mexico demystifies these types of statements on its digital channels:

When conducting interviews to obtain the American visaconsular officers examine each application individually. And of course, with each application, they consider the applicant’s circumstances, travel plans, financial resources, and ties to their home country. Demonstrating stable work, property and family ties is important, but whether property is considered ‘sufficient’ depends on each official analyzing the case.

Of course, you don’t have to worry if you don’t have one. home in your name in your country of origin. With the real estate crisis that is being experienced worldwide, it is not surprising that more and more people are renting a home instead of purchasing one. However, it is still possible to demonstrate solvency with proof of work, letters from your employers, account statements, investment receipts, payroll check stubs, etc.

Can a tourist with an American visa buy a house in the United States?

Now, going to the other extreme, there are those who have enough solvency to buy a home in USA; even though they are non-resident foreigners. This is permitted by US law; However, a property in that country will not guarantee any type of visa or permanent residence. In reality, what must be clear for any immigration permit from that country is that there is no single and ‘magical’ factor that facilitates the process and/or absolute approval. The final result depends on the criteria of consular officials after analyzing a whole set of factors.

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