Does Marc Anthony not trust Nadia Ferreira?  Know the couple’s MILLIONAIRE prenuptial clause

Does Marc Anthony not trust Nadia Ferreira? Know the couple’s MILLIONAIRE prenuptial clause



In the last days, Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira have sparked rumors that they are in the middle of a divorce just 10 months before the arrival of your first baby, who has captured the world’s attention by having inherited the best genes of the Paraguayan, but now, it is also revealed what the millionaire prenuptial clause that they have and for which apparently they would think too much divorce.

It is worth mentioning that since his luxurious wedding on January 28, 2023 in Miami, the couple has been placed in the eye of the hurricane due to the wide age difference between them, since on more than one occasion the former beauty queen as one interested only in the fame and fortune of the famous 55-year-old Puerto Rican singer, so without a doubt they have been in charge of dispelling the rumors.

However, in recent weeks there have been really strong rumors pointing to a tough crisis in marriage of the model and the interpreter of topics like ‘Living living’, well not only for some photos in social networks where there is no longer a great appearance of the two together, now the existence of a escrow with which the actor has also protected himself.

It is worth mentioning that this is a measure that the actor has resorted to after his three marriages past: Dayanara Torres in 1993, Jennifer Lopez in 2004 and Shannon de Lima in 2014, reasons why there is a prenuptial clause with which he plans to protect himself if his current wife He plans to quit at some point.

Should Nadia Ferreira pay Marc Anthony if they get divorced?

It is important to mention that the singer has never been disengaged, much less irresponsible regarding its children is concerned, so now, he has decided to open a escrow in which monthly monthly payments that they will pay at the hands of the model if it comes to divorce, but this is not specifically for her, but rather for the well-being of her babybut although the amount was not revealed, the pension that he would receive has now been announced.

According to different media, It is said that the singer would have to pay him about 25 thousand dollars to the former beauty queen with the concept of maintenance, but be careful, because this amount is going to decrease close to the half if she decides to remarry, so the amount In the end it would be reduced to 13 thousand dollars per month, information that neither of the two has been fully confirmed by the couple.


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