Dragon Ball Z: Videl’s Sexiest Cosplay You’ll See

Dragon Ball Z: Videl’s Sexiest Cosplay You’ll See


Dragon Ball Z: The most attractive cosplay you'll see of Videl (INSTAGRAM)

Dragon Ball Z: Videl’s Sexiest Cosplay You’ll See | INSTAGRAM

Without a doubt, the history of Dragon Ball Z is one of the ones that the public liked the most, many of the fans were interested in several of its characters, especially for videlwife Gohanthe beautiful daughter of Mr. Satanwhich is why a large part of the fans of the series wondered what it would look like if it were a real person.

Today we will be presenting you a Cosplaya follower of the series who decided to dress as the character says, recreating her clothes, her hairstyle and it would seem that even her physical appearance, although of course this is not possible because she was simply born that way, but she really does look alike.

This is the famous Influencer allysona girl who enjoys a lot wear costumes of various characters from Japanese cartoons, video games, movies, series and more, there is no doubt that he seems to be exactly the same as the character, he was sharing several images about it on his official Instagram and that was when Internet users were really surprised with his resemblance.

Let’s remember that the last stage of Dragon Ball Z was when Gohan was in college, that’s when we could see his girlfriend who was already older just like him and that they were preparing for a future, which would be threatened by majin buo that was about to appear.

There is no doubt that this arc is one of the most interesting and exciting of all this show, of course, which stations that we present to you today could be equally interesting for many, it really looks incredible, there is no doubt that the girl is an expert for this activity and she looks really beautiful playing this lively young woman that we never thought we could see in real life but that thanks to her it was possible.

The posts have thousands of likes, people excited to once again relive the adventures of these super-powered characters in a slightly different way.

Dragon Ball marked the lives of many and continues to do so, let’s remember that Dragon Ball Super is still broadcasting seasons, which not many are liking but have a fresh proposal and continue to evolve with the powers of our beloved Goku.

We hope that if you are a faithful admirer of the saga you have enjoyed this costume, the most successful Videl Cosplay that we will see, surely.

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Of course, if you were also interested in the Influencer, we recommend that you keep an eye on her profile because she will continue to share more similar outfits, we recommend that you also keep an eye on Show News so that you can enjoy other beautiful content, the most interesting news from the show, entertainment and much more.


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