Dua Lipa appreciates all the support from Mexico, she spoke in Spanish!

Dua Lipa appreciates all the support from Mexico, she spoke in Spanish!

Dua Lipa dedicated words of gratitude to Mexico, in Spanish (Instagram)

Dua Lipa dedicated words of thanks to Mexico, in Spanish | instagram

Apart from the expected tour of the alternative rock band ColdplayAnother most longed-for visit to Mexico was that of the British singer Dua Lipa, who in the month of September, together we would dress in green, to commemorate the national month, so once that happened, her name was a trend for many days.

Remembering the experiences that he had to live while he stayed in the country, because he had to live through an earthquake, a controversy when in the first place he did not want to take the doll that is dressed in a specific pharmacy, but one of the topics of conversation Specifically, it would be his words.

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Since at her first stop in Mexico City, the British model gave a little speech:

“Thank you for this magical night, I want to say many things but my Spanish is not perfect and I need to study more but tonight, I’m going to try for you, thank you, thank you very much, very good, we’re going to enjoy a lot”.

Many fans assure that a concert of Dua Lipa It is an incredible experience, which includes good music, incredible dancing, brightness, colors, for which the lucky ones who have attended cannot stop talking about it.

Definitely a year full of success for the 27-year-old artist, once her stage of “Future Nostalgia“The only thing left to do is go back to the studio and think about what other song he will continue to surprise with.


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