Dulce María spoke about the alleged fraud in RBD: “It is difficult, disappointing and very painful” – El Diario NY

Dulce María spoke about the alleged fraud in RBD: “It is difficult, disappointing and very painful” – El Diario NY

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For some time now there has been talk of an alleged fraud in the RBD group after the tour and the alleged person involved would be the former manager Guillermo Rosas. In recent days, several statements have come out on the subject, but this time it was Dulce María’s turn.

It’s difficult, disappointing and very painful everything that is being experienced and not being able to go out and tell them everything that I would like to talk about, because it is something delicate, we are not in demand, or anything like that, until now, simply, like any company where irregularities were seen, we are in audits ”, he said in front of the media.

The singer revealed that they were thinking of doing other things, but with this situation everything got out of control: “Irregularities have already emerged from the first audit, it is not gossip, but we cannot say, it is not my responsibility to give more information. It is something very sad, of course it breaks our hearts, because we had so many plans to continue with the tour and we are in a difficult moment“.

“I want to tell you that the love we have To the fans of RBD, that gratitude, those moments that made us live, those stay in our hearts foreverthat does not change, this is something independent of us. Why I joined was because of all that love that people have given us, they are the most passionate fans, that’s why we came back,” she expressed.

This revelation has generated tensions and mistrust among RBD members, since some feel betrayed and pointed out as possible responsible. Although Maite Perroni tried to remain calm and ensure that she trusts her colleagues, the situation has only deteriorated the relationship between them.

“It is a very delicate moment and it hurts for everyone, we have to give time to time, I hope that soon we can say something to make it clearer to everyone, right now it is delicate, because not even we know what is happening. I think that part of growing up, of taking responsibility, we always say nice things to our fans and as we grow our problems change, things change and I think this is also something important, all the time we tell them: ‘Fight for what you believe. ‘”

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