Eduardo Capetillo Jr. finally broke the silence about the alleged affair with Lucerito Mijares – El Diario NY

Eduardo Capetillo Jr. finally broke the silence about the alleged affair with Lucerito Mijares – El Diario NY

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Eduardo Capetillo Jr. held a meeting with the media last Thursday and has also denied romance rumors and has expressed that Lucerito Mijares is a great friend with whom he shares musical tastes and activities in common, but that there is nothing more What friendship between them.

“I’m going to tell you, Lucerito is practically my sister; I adored her like family. We made a big family, the heirs (children of the famous people in Voice Game). And that’s what we are: a family. She is a very pretty girl, very talented. She is a beautiful woman. But we are family, both Lucero and Mía (Rubín), Mel (Melenie Carmona), Joss (Álvarez) that’s what we did, a big family after Game of Voices. “My four fellow heirs, apart from being beautiful as human beings, as people, have a talent that I am sure will shine in whatever they do,”

“Lucy is a sweetheart. She is (beautiful) complete. She is a very strong woman. She knows what she is, what she has. “She is beautiful, talented, she shines alone.”

However, both young people have denied any type of romantic relationship and They have assured that they are only good friends. Lucerito has mentioned that Eduardo is like a brother to her and that they get along very well, but that there is nothing beyond a beautiful friendship.

Lucerito on the alleged romance with Eduardo Capetillo Jr.

Lucerito and Eduardo share a special connection and support each other in their artistic careers. Despite the negative comments and criticism she has received, Lucerito has proven to be a strong and self-confident person, who knows how to focus on what is truly important.

“We are very friends, we love each other very much, we have formed a beautiful family, but, well, I respect his decisions, he is very handsome, but…”he said in front of the media.

Despite speculation and malicious comments, Lucerito and Eduardo continue to enjoy their friendship and their passion for music, without worrying about what others may say. Both are clear that the most important thing is to stay united as friends in the midst of media adversity.

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