Einstein wore heels, and the photo hides a wonderful story behind

There are several stories and curiosities that surround the life of the popular physicist Albert Einsteinsuch as having an abnormal fondness for gray suits or having a great talent for playing the violin, but one that stands out is the anecdote about the female sandals she wore on a beach.

The origin of this story begins in the summer of 1938when the father of the Theory of Relativity She was looking to enjoy her vacation in Rhode Island to get away from stress, however she forgot to pack her sandals for the trip, so she visited the Dave Rothman.

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The visit to the premises was made on the recommendation of his daughter. After she arrived, she went to the owner and he requested with his german accent nail 鈥渟undials鈥 (sundials).

Confused, the owner of the establishment took the physicist to show him the only sundial he had. Einstein felt very sorry and said once again that I was looking for 鈥渟andals鈥 (sandals).

However, Dave replied that the summer season had sold out all the sandals, there was only one female pair left with low heelsso he managed to sell him that pair, but the reality is that Einstein did it because he was very embarrassed by the mix-up.

鈥淢y grandfather was a very warm person. Over time he told us that on that occasion, Albert felt embarrassed but at the same time so comfortable with Dave鈥檚 kindness, that decided to buy the only pair availableeven if it were footwear for a lady鈥, Joan Rothman recounted in the book My Grand Father and Albert Einstein.

The story was immortalized in a couple of photos taken by Albert Einstein with his new friend Dave, as a token of appreciation. Grandpa, for his part, told Einstein that I would send him, once a year, a pair of sandals that they were more 鈥渋n his style鈥, a promise he kept until the physicist鈥檚 death in 1955.

Currently the Rothman family no longer sells sandals, they now own a guitar store.

This anecdote, among others, is one of the family鈥檚 favorites and was revealed in the book written by Joan Rothman Brill, grandson of Dave Rothman.

Text originally published in The Sun of Hermosillo

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