Eiza González is captured in a daring minidress in Miami, beautiful!

Eiza González is captured in a daring minidress in Miami, beautiful!

Eiza González is captured in a daring minidress in Miami. Beautiful! (Instagram)

Eiza González is captured in a daring minidress in Miami, beautiful! | instagram

The beautiful Mexican and diva of the cinema in hollywoodEiza González, began this last month of the year, away from the cold and the warm clothes, well, she was seen in a daring minidress with which he stole the looks in the hot city of Miami.

Once again, the actress Mexican, protagonist of the movie “Ambulancia”, made it clear that it is all a woman’s dream, because she has one of the silhouettes best worked among beautiful actresses, well, he demonstrated it with this risky mini-attire.

From time to date, the mexican has not only shone for its sweeping beauty, but because she is one of the actresses with great passion for fashion, style, trends and good taste. Hence, she always leaves those who look at her with their mouths open. passionate outfits.

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On this occasion, the famous, Eiza González, was caught wearing a mini satin dress with straps, with which she conquered all of Miami. The seductive garment has colored woven motifs in the center that contrast with the rest of the ‘look’, which makes it a very good option to go out and have fun.

As a complement, the Mexican opted for a pair of on-trend mules sandals that are a great choice for being comfortable to spend the whole night on the dance floor and work for other casual daytime outfits with jeans and tank tops.

As a good woman, Eiza, did not neglect any detail in this outfit and since it is almost mandatory to go out with a bag in which you can store some things, the famous woman used a black handbag and as an accessory a choker (necklace) of golden pearls in very striking XL size.

Eiza González captivated with this complete outfit in Miami, where she was surrounded by art lovers, celebrities such as the Kardashians, tennis player Serena Williams and specialized journalists, so she went to “Art Basel Miami 2022” to witness the best samples of contemporary art.

Like every year, this fair is also the perfect excuse to enjoy the famous nightlife of the tropical city and in that sense, it is noticeable that Eiza González has enjoyed it more than anyone.

In this way, once again, Eiza Gonzalezleft very well standing MexicoTherefore, the famous made an impact with her great beauty and extraordinary figure, enhancing her excellent taste, bearing and great sense of fashion. A complete beauty of a Mexican woman, succeeding abroad!

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