Eiza González supports Shakira and is tunden by ex of Miley Cyrus

Eiza González supports Shakira and is tunden by ex of Miley Cyrus

Eiza González supports Shakira and is tunned by Miley Cyrus' ex(Twitter)

Eiza González supports Shakira and is tunden by ex of Miley Cyrus | Twitter

The Mexican and current film diva in hollywoodEiza González, once again demonstrated that she is one of the women who strongly believes in sorority and in the empowerment of women, for which reason, he joined the list of celebrities who have applauded the courage of Shakira with his new song “Session 53”.

Definitely the new success musical of the Colombian with bizarrehas caused a lot of controversy, all kinds of reactions and many jokes about it. Nevertheless, Eiza Gonzalez decided to express her support as an artist and woman to Shakira Through social networks.

It was in your account Twitter where, Eiza published a message of support for the Colombian after the release of this song in which she exposes her ex-partner in great detail, Gerard Piqué, although many Internet users they criticizedTherefore, they assure that she was in a similar situation.

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Happy to support a Latina who is breaking her down!! Happy you’re back making music @shakira,” Eiza González tweeted.

In this regard, several Internet users were quick to remind her of her controversial and fleeting romance with Liam Hemsworth, accusing her of having been part of a love triangle with Miley Cyrus. This is because they claim to know Eiza’s private life, stating that she was dating him while she was still married to the singer.

Miley is the Rolex, empathy is not valid here, do you know why? Because Cassio in the past made fun of another woman, so Queen Miley Cyrus is succeeding”; “But well that you like someone else’s husband, precious”; “If you were with Liam when he was still married to Miley, there’s no shame, Eiza. Do you want me to show you the photos???,” commented netizens.

Faced with the accusation, Eiza did not take long to respond and assured that what they said about dating a married man was not true and assured that she had never been part of any infidelity.

Hello! This is completely uncertain. Never in my life have I been part of any infidelity. Never. Please do not distort information, ”returned, Eiza González.

Despite her denial of having been involved in infidelity, most of the comments that can be read in her tweet accuse her of having been part of the deception of Miley Cyrus and even ask her to go listen to her new song “Flowers”. , in which Miley talks about her ex-partner, similar to what Shakira did.

After the publication of Eiza’s message of support for Shakira, the actress’s Twitter account appeared as unavailable; Hours later, Eiza González herself assured that she had been hacked, but that she had already recovered her account.

In the context, in 2013, Miley Cyrus announced that she was separating from Liam Hemsworth and at the same time, the famous actor hollywood was seen kissing with Eiza Gonzalez. After, miley launches his famous song ‘Wrecking Ball’, one of the songs that Miley has commented on several times that talks about her relationship with the actor.

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