El Chapo sent a letter from prison to tell his version of the crime of Cardinal Posadas Ocampo – La Opinión

El Chapo sent a letter from prison to tell his version of the crime of Cardinal Posadas Ocampo – La Opinión


Although Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán faces a life sentence in a United States prison, the former leader of the Sinaloa Cartel tries to clear his name, at least in one of the most remembered crimes in Mexico.

And, from his cell, the drug trafficker wrote a letter that was translated and adapted by his lawyer, Mariel Colón Miróto be sent to Judge Brian Cogan and request a new trial.

In the letter, El Chapo claims that the Mexican government used him as a scapegoat to blame him for the cardinal’s crime. Juan Jesus Posadas Ocampowho at that time was archbishop of the Archdiocese of Guadalajara, in Jalisco.

According to the newspaper Milenio, Guzmán Loera narrated in his writing that on the day of the murder, which occurred on May 24, 1993, he was heading to the beach and was caught in the middle of crossfire at the Guadalajara airport.

“Mr. Guzmán arrived at the Guadalajara airport to go to the beach. He parked his car and got out to look for his suitcases in the trunk. When he opened the trunk of his car to unload his things, another car arrived and parked right next to Mr. Guzmán’s car. While she was unloading his luggage, she heard gunshots very close to him,” said Colón, as reported by his client.

“He realized that some men were shooting at the car next to him. People in the parking lot began to run, including Mr. Guzmán, who left his belongings behind him to look for somewhere to hide. Mr. Guzmán’s identification was also left on the parking lot floor.. The Mexican government took advantage of that and took the identification to have someone to blame,” added the lawyer.

That detail, according to El Chapo, was what made him one of the most wanted drug traffickers in the world, when a day before the crime “he did not exist for the Mexican government.”

According to the official version, the cardinal was shot dead after a confrontation between gunmen from the Arellano Felix and Chapo himself, a hypothesis that the drug trafficker is denying from prison.

“The United States government also began a negative campaign against Mr. Guzmán and gave him negative publicity. There was too much bad information in the media that made Mr. Guzmán look too big, so they had to arrest him because society could not understand how he was still free. The government had to stop him so as not to look bad to the public.“added Mariel Colón.

As part of the request for a new trial, Chapo’s lawyer assured that the US government also fabricated a case against her client, arguing that his extradition from Mexico was illegal and that even the communications interventions with which the Mexican was sunk during the trial against him, were false.

“To stop it, The US government fabricated a case against Mr. Guzmánusing servers located in the Netherlands and also with a software called FlexiSpy software. “They committed fraud, lied and kidnapped him in the Eastern District of New York, violating the extradition law,” Colón concluded.

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