“El Maleficio” fans ask the metal band inspired by Fernando Colunga for a song about the series – El Diario NY

“El Maleficio” fans ask the metal band inspired by Fernando Colunga for a song about the series – El Diario NY

The recent completion of “The Hex”, on March 3, has begun to sow a kind of “void” in the fans of the famous production starring Fernando Colunga.

And despite the variety of criticisms expressed in the series directed by Jose Alberto Castroregarding the poor quality of its special effects as well as the “bad” performance of its cast, have ironically converted “The Hex” in a television phenomenon.

Infallible proof of the above has been the “request”, from a large number of “fans” of the series, towards the tribute band to Fernando Colunga, Fernando Colunga Ultimate Experienceto perform a song as a corollary to the recently completed production.

Is there a tribute band to Fernando Colunga?

Through social networks, fans of “The Hex“, and, consequently, Fernando Colungahave turned to the peculiar Serbian metal band to “dedicate” a song to the Mexican actor’s series.

It should be noted that, unknown to many, the Fernando Colunga Ultimate Experience was founded in 2010 in the city of Požarevac, Serbia, by musicians Marko, Stefan and Antonio. The origin of the group was due to an alternative project of the band for recreational purposes that mixes genres such as grindcore with some comic lyrics and parodies on soap operas and various cultural icons.

Fernando Colunga posing.

Regarding the origin of its name, the same members have shown their admiration for Colunga because they consider him a kind of Chuck Norris due to the number of characters to which the actor has given life. Likewise, the “love” of the members’ mothers for Mexican soap operas was part of the choice of the name.

With only one studio album, the band has gained notoriety, mainly in Latin America for its name. However, internationally Fernando Colunga Ultimate Experience continues working to gain greater importance in the current music scene.

Fernando Colunga posing.
Fernando Colunga was criticized for his performance in “El Maleficio”.
Credit: Mezcalo

For all the above reasons, and due to the end of the new version of “The Hex”, various fans have pointed out that the “bizarre” horror plot of the series, as well as its dramatic suspense, may be the main reasons for the band to make a new song.

It is worth mentioning that despite having the approval of the Mexico City-born actor to use his image and name, the band has not released a new song since last year, with “Un día Perfecto Para Estar Muerto.” Therefore, a new composition on “The Hex” could be perfect for both the group and the series and even for himself Fernando Colunga.

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