Elizabeth Gutiérrez dazzles with a white bikini after her controversial separation from William Levy – El Diario NY

Elizabeth Gutiérrez dazzles with a white bikini after her controversial separation from William Levy – El Diario NY

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The Mexican actress Elizabeth Gutierrez She uploaded a video to her Instagram account in which she was seen wearing a white bikini and was also wearing a button-down shirt of the same color, while enjoying herself on the shore of a beach.

The images come after months of her separation from Cuban actor William Levy, news that has made headlines due to the revelations that have emerged around the breakup. In addition to the video that went viral in which she arrived at her house and said that the leading man was with another woman whose identity is still unknown.

After this scandal, he has been seen with a serene attitude, enjoying a day of sun and sand.

Elizabeth Gutiérrez’s Bikini

In addition, it was seen that he changed his hair color and decided to make it a darker tone than the one he had.

Her audience, of course, has not stopped reacting to this video, especially after the media moment that the artist starred in a few months ago due to her separation.

In the comments of the publication many have talked about the issue, either to defend her or make some accusations against her.

“Smile: because you are beautiful. Laughter: Because you’re living your life to the fullest. Be strong: because those who hate you cannot bring you down”, “Spectacular, beautiful, always resplendent, her brilliance is born in her… Elizabeth Gutiérrez, only people like you can afford to be and continue to be a lady, lady, a queen wherever she is and with whatever she wears. God bless you”, some wrote.

Other messages that have been left are: “Beautiful, beautiful, spectacular, wonderful, elegance, class, beauty, spectacular, style, you have it all, a woman of flag, pure candle, live, be happy, enjoy each new dawn, blessings”, “You are beautiful, elegant, You have sweetness, always from the hand of God, he will give you the strength to move forward and succeed, you deserve it.”

The artist has shown herself focused on her artistic work and the dissemination of content from her life on social networks, leaving aside the situation with William Levy, which has become the most media events so far this year.

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