Elliot Page seeks change with his autobiography

Elliot Page seeks change with his autobiography

The actor Elliot Page shared the cover and release date of “Pageboy”, a book in which he detailed his life experience and which will be on sale from June 6, 2023.

In an Instagram post, the film and television star commented on what this new project meant, where he will narrate his experiences as a member of the trans community. Let’s remember that this began the transition from the female to the male gender in 2020.

Likewise, in his new statement, the activist also said that “Pageboy” will be a weapon against those who marginalize, reject and violate those who decide to live their identity within the range of their community, in this case.

A writing full of activism

«Trans people do not stop suffering attacks. From physical violence to banning healthcare, even our humanity is a constant debate in the media. The fact of writing and sharing the variety of our experiences is an important step before those who seek to hurt and silence us. Books helped me, saved, even. So I hope you can do the same with someone so they feel less alone and more like, more seen. It does not matter who they are or what path they have chosen », was part of what she said.

Likewise, Elliot Page pointed out that writing a book was not easy for him and that he did not previously see it as a possibility. “Writing a book has come to mind over the years, but it never felt right, and frankly, it felt impossible. He could barely sit still in the chair, be alone and thus be able to complete such a task. At least, I can be alone in this body. So I’ve written a book about my story. I am very excited to share the cover with you, in other circumstances of my life it would have been impossible for me to be in front of a camera. Shooting this cover with acclaimed photographer Catherine Opie was a joyous experience that I will never forget.”

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