Emilio Estefan told the details of the film he is preparing about his life with his wife Gloria – El Diario NY

Emilio Estefan told the details of the film he is preparing about his life with his wife Gloria – El Diario NY

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Emilio Estefan expressed his excitement about this new stage in his life and that of his wife Gloria Estefan, stating that it will be a great opportunity for more people to know his story and his legacy in the music industry. In addition, he highlighted the importance of having a first-class production team. that can capture the essence of your life and career faithfully and respectfully.

“We are already doing the casting. It is such a beautiful story, I think it represents the story of many people who come to the United States, that he has to leave his family, that he has been fighting,” he began by saying exclusively for ‘People en Español’.

“He tells me that that sound was not going to work in the United States, that the tumbadora, the trumpet, had to be removed. What offended me the most is that he told me: ‘You have to change your name, your last name. Absolutely nothing. I looked at him and said, ‘Whether you like it or not, this is what America is going to look like,’” she added during the conversation. Furthermore, he added that: “Me and Gloria have been happy from the beginning. “Poverty taught us a lot to enjoy the pleasant moments of life.”

The renowned producer spoke about the orchestra that he formed with recycled Cateura instruments: “It is an orchestra that comes from Paraguay, They were children who had to make their instruments from garbage because they were very poor and it has become one of the largest symphonies in the world. I am very proud of Gloria and Emily. Emily, I love watching her play percussion. “I always say that women are more intelligent than men, women are making history and that gives me a lot of joy.”

“For parents to see their children healthy and see that they love what they do is very important. I was a child who couldn’t study music because he didn’t have the money. They have been educated, Nayib as a director and film expert, and Emily was able to go to Berklee to study. How nice to be able to see that and enjoy. You always have to enjoy it as if it were the last day of your life.”he said during the exclusive offered.

Emilio thanked his entire work team and the fans who have supported his career over the years, promising that the film will be a tribute to his dedication and passion for music.

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