Emotional: The incredible gesture of Checo Pérez with a child with a heart disease (Video)

Sergio Checo Perez

The Mexican Formula 1 driver, Sergio “Checo” Pérez, showed that he is not only great on the track, but also off it, by having a great gesture with a child suffering from heart disease.

Through social networks, a man identified as Edson Castro caught the attention of “Checo” by writing a heartfelt request, wanted the pilot to encourage his son hours before undergoing a difficult operation from the heart.

“Hello Checo, My name is Edson, he is my son Jesé Castro Cocoletzi, He has heart disease and is currently hospitalized at the National Institute of Cardiology located in Cd MX, in bed 629, they are going to perform a catheterization the following week, “Castro wrote in a Twitter thread.

In the following message he wrote: “Due to the routine of the hospital, they only allow 1 hour of visits a day, and he is very sad, our family including him, we are your followers @SChecoPerez and @ F1 We wanted to ask you please if you can send him a greetingWe think that would encourage him a lot ”.

The most surprising thing is that in a short time “Checo” Pérez responded to the request and sent an affectionate video to the boy, giving you encouragement before surgery.

The boy’s father published the video of the surprise, accompanied by a thank you to the pilot.

“The joy of a child is invaluable, thank you @SChecoPerez Thank you all for helping this greeting reach its destination, thanks for the good wishes, we continue with the prayers for Jesé Castro Cocoletzi, he will come out ahead in this career called life ”, published Edson Castro.

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