Eradicating the bars will not end with violence in stadiums in Mexico, says academic

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Eradicating the bars (violent fans) from the stands of the stadiums will not end the violence that is generated among Mexican soccer fans, he assured this Sunday Roger Magazine, an academic who studies football fans.

The bars are not the root of the problem and removing them will not eliminate violence in the stadiums. We must not forget the situation in the country, we are in one of the most violent in the world, the effects of this are seen in many areas, including soccer, 鈥漞xplained to Efe the Doctor in Social Anthropology from Johns Hopkins University in the United States. Joined.

Mexico is experiencing one of the most violent moments in its history. In 2021, it recorded 33,308 homicides, after two years with its highest figures, 34,690 murders in 2019 and 34,554 in 2020.

Magazine, who to do research on Mexican bars became for long periods one of its membersassured that the 鈥渙rganized fan groups鈥 are not intended to generate violence like the one that happened last week in a massive battle between fans of Quer茅taro and Atlas that left 26 injured.

鈥淭heir purpose has to do with supporting their teams in a passionate and free way, they do not seek violence rather, they see it as something that happens as a side effect of their passions and just because of this passionate support. When they face rival fans, they reach a conflictive relationship, although for them the physical violence part is something to avoid, 鈥漢e said.

The professor at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City said that what happened in Quer茅taro went through a bad security protocolsomething that, according to their experience, the barristas have asked to improve and have even offered to collaborate with the authorities for its design.

鈥淚f there has been an increase in violence between fan groups in the country it has to do with the fact that when they started about 25 years ago they had a maximum of 100 or 200 members, now we have some groups that have thousands and when you bring so many people together there will always be some who tend to violent acts which the members themselves try to control.鈥

On the measures taken by the directors of the Mx League to control the visiting bars by not allowing them entry to visiting stadiums and forcing them to register with credentials to end his anonymity, Magazine believes that can serve as something temporary and commented that something that could work is to stop selling alcohol in the buildings.

In stadiums we need security protocols that keep fans apart and it is important that the leaders of the groups participate in the formulation because they are the ones who best understand the practices of their members. You have to listen to them. To end the problem at the root, we need to eliminate violence in Mexico,鈥 he stated.

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