Erika Buenfil boasts a comparison of how she looked in a bikini during her youth and now: “A beauty”

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Erika Buenfil once again became the center of attention within social networks, where shared with a couple of images in which she appears wearing a great body in a swimsuitbut what his millions of followers really enjoyed was that it was a Comparison of how he looked in his youth and now.

It was exactly through her official Instagram profile, where the Mexican actress surprised 4.6 million users who currently follow her, to whom she showed off a couple of photos. In one of them, she exposed the statuesque silhouette that she wore several years ago on the beaches of Acapulco, Guerrero, with a sexy black bikini, while the second postcard corresponds to how she currently looks in a two-piece swimsuit. pieces.

Before or after. The soul remains the same, the dreams remain the same, new goals every day. Every day a new beginning“, Wrote the television star at the bottom of the publication that became one of the favorite publications of his fans, with which he registered about 90 thousand heart-shaped reactions.

Given the surprise caused by the 58-year-old actress, who currently enjoys success on social networks under the title of “Queen of TikTok”, she also received a real rain of congratulatory messages and signs of affection with which her fans highlighted that over the years continues to look as beautiful as in the first image.

“The most beautiful inside and out”, “Gorgeous as always”, “Wonderful forever a queen”, “Always beautiful”, “A beauty before and after“, “Continue gorgeous”, “She is beautiful all her life“,”You look more beautiful every day”, some users wrote in the comments section.

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