Esteban Andrada, goalkeeper of Rayados, says that he has an outstanding debt with Leo Messi – La Opinion

Esteban Andrada, goalkeeper of Rayados, says that he has an outstanding debt with Leo Messi – La Opinion

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This Wednesday the Argentine goalkeeper Esteban Andrada will have the mission of preventing his compatriot’s goals Messi and all the Inter Miami when he faces them this Wednesday in the first leg of the quarter finals of the Concacaf Champions Cup.

In an interview with La Nación, the goalkeeper of Rayados de Monterrey He spoke about his relationship with the star, said that he had an outstanding debt with him and also explained how he has prepared to prevent the match this Wednesday at Chase Stadium from ending with a blank goal.

“There is anxiety. Here in Monterrey everyone is going crazy, people are waiting for this crossing. We know that a super important game is coming and we are clear that we cannot relax,” she began, sharing a little of the atmosphere that exists in the streets of Monterrey in the face of the duel.

On whether this game could be special for him, because He was Messi’s teammate in the national team and he had a noble gesture with him and his family When he was shaping up to be the Albiceleste’s goalkeeper and an injury left him out of the 2019 Copa América, Andrada responded affirmatively and revealed that he still has that outstanding debt with the world champion.

“It’s always special. Leo is amazing. When I was injured before the Copa América I was very sad; so, He sent a video to my children and the truth is that they were very happy. I still owe my children the ability to take a photo with him.”, said the five-time champion of the Argentine League.

When asked if he would settle it and take the photo when he was around, he replied that maybe he wouldn’t do it, since he wants to be respectful, although he hopes it will happen naturally.

I hope, I hope it can be done. But hey, I don’t like to bother. We know it must be half rotten from so many photos and I don’t want to mess around. I put myself in their shoes and there comes a time when you don’t want to know anything about photos and autographs anymore.”said the also monarch of the 2013 Copa Sudamericana and the 2021 Concacaf Champions League.

Despite how dangerous Messi can be and that he knows that it is not safe for him to participate in the game, Esteban is aware that Inter Miami has a great team and many other figures that can harm Rayados, such as Luis Suarezabout whom he stopped to talk for a few moments.

“I already faced Suárez when we played against Uruguay (with Argentina), and yes, They are high-ranking players. You can’t be distracted for a secondneither the goalkeeper nor the defenders, because it kills you. He has technique, speed, he is skilled with movements. Be careful, everyone there is of an incredible level. Inter has very great players, but we also have a great squad and honestly we are very confident to compete”he exclaimed.

Finally, regarding whether there is a plan to stop the players of the Florida team, he revealed that they study the entire team and their collections on set pieces, including penalties, but that Messi in particular is complicated, because he is indecipherable and in a second or a movement defines the match for you.

With the goalkeeper coach we analyze the forwards. And with the entire squad, the pressure from the rivals, the stopped ball… Obviously we study penalties. The problem is with Lionel. I faced him in the small team, in the short spaces. We looked at him with other goalkeepers to try to see what he did before defining you. And we realized that he looks at the goalkeeper and Where you moved a little, your journey already changes. So I think we’re going to have to hold on until the last second. But hey, we know that if you hold out until the last, sometimes you won’t get there either. ANDs indecipherable, it is very difficult to study it”, he assured.

“There, other forwards, you can study them a little, but not him. He always has the last word when deciding a play. I think it’s because he doesn’t look at the ball. We take the chip from him in the selection: since he doesn’t need to look at it to define – he looks up and knows where he has the ball -, everything is resolved more easily. I think that is the advantage it has,” he concluded.

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