Ester Expósito and Paris Jackson become friends after CONTROVERSIAL meeting in Spain

Ester Expósito and Paris Jackson become friends after CONTROVERSIAL meeting in Spain


In an unexpected turn of events, what began as a controversial meeting starring actress Ester Exposito and the singer Paris Jacksonduring the spring-summer 2025 show of the renowned fashion house Unequal in Barcelona, ​​Spain; has transformed into a genuine connection between the two personalities that captured the attention of the entire world.

Ester Expósito and Paris Jackson become friends after CONTROVERSIAL meeting in Spain

Stealing looks, the Spanish actress and the singer daughter of Michael Jackson appeared at the Reflections parade, the spring-summer 2025 collection of the fashion house Unequalin what seemed to be an event to learn about the brand’s new proposal, quickly became a controversial show where rumors increased about an alleged controversial meeting of the two artists, in which they affirm that there is a great enmity.

After a video of the “front row” of the brand’s parade came to light and went viral Unequal in Barcelona, ​​Spain, where they were Ester Exposito and Paris Jacksonspeculation quickly began on social networks about the alleged tension between the two artists, ensuring that neither wanted to be close to the other.

Netizens claim that Michael Jackson’s daughter completely ignored Ester Expositolooking away when the actress wanted to make eye contact on several occasions. Or at the moment when Ester adjusts her drink, and Paris quickly moves his away. Likewise, this event quickly went viral on social networks and the comments comparing both artists were immediate.

Since on beauty, alluding to the fact that Ester Exposito was far below Paris Jackson.

However, what appeared to be a controversial meetingwas soon denied, as Paris shared different photographs of the event on her Instagram account, among which one in the ‘front row’ stands out alongside Ester Exposito. Likewise, the singer shared with the press her excitement at being in Spain.

“It’s my first time in Spain. So far, I haven’t seen much. But what I’ve seen, I like. I’m excited to be here! I think tomorrow I’ll have free time and I’ll try to do some sightseeing.”

During the fashion show, the Spanish actress, recognized for her role in the Elite series, shared with the press her enthusiasm for returning to the country where she was born.

“I’ve been living abroad for quite a few months, in Mexico, and I’m glad to be back home (…) I wanted to come back! (…) I think I needed to come back and settle down, because it’s true that I was from top to bottom , without stopping. I always have a great time. But it’s true that I’ve been working a lot, so I’m also a little tired.”

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