Eugenio Derbez and Alessandra Rosaldo made a parody of Shakira’s new song: “Todos igualitos que tú”

Eugenio Derbez and Alessandra Rosaldo made a parody of Shakira’s new song: “Todos igualitos que tú”


The Colombian Shakira last Wednesday launched her most recent musical theme, and which was also recorded with Bizarrap and on Sunday she thanked all those who have shown their support for having remained in the position for three consecutive days “number 1”.

The actor Eugenio Derbez and his sentimental partner, Alessandra Rosaldo shared on the social network of the camera a parody that is based on “session 53”. The video, like the original, has a certain similarity after being set in the color blue, she poses with an open shirt while she reveals her bra and the comedian can be seen in the background where she would apparently be playing a piano like the Argentinian.

“Aislinn, Vadhir, José Eduardo, they all look very similar. I wanted something different, I shot the delivery. Twenty-three hours bidding and Aitana is like you, just like you. Your genes have an impact and that is why they are all the same as you… aunt mother…”, is part of the lyrics interpreted by Rosaldo.

The comments in the publication did not wait, because in a few hours it exceeded 47 thousand, and it was very receptive on the part of the users of both actors. However, one of the things that caught the most attention was the lyrics of this parody, where many agree that Eugenio’s children are his “photocopy”.

“Here Alex has a very valid point”, “Your version is so good that I already Piqué”, “His genes are having an impact”, “I wish my self-esteem was as strong as Eugenio Derbez’s genes”, “According to me we don’t look alike, do we?”, “Stop taking photocopies click”, “It’s incredible”“This is amazing. Amé”, “Great, your point is also very defensible and with respect to the original matter”, “I died”, “Geniuses”, “CLEARLY it is seen that it splashed everyone”, “They failed to name Kai, what’s up?”, “ The only daughter who doesn’t look like Derbez is Fiona and she’s the one he loves more than everyone”, “I’ve already heard it more than the original”, “What barbarians, the composition is incredible”, were some of the expressions that registered in the mentioned post.

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