Facundo Campazzo did not have success in the NBA, but he established himself as the best point guard in Europe – La Opinion

Facundo Campazzo did not have success in the NBA, but he established himself as the best point guard in Europe – La Opinion

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Facundo Campazzo was recently named the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the ACB League of Spain, demonstrating once again that his height, the same one for which he has been singled out so many times, simply has no importance for the Argentine point guard. It was many years since his childhood that ‘Facu’ was singled out for his mere 1.77 meters in height, but even with them he was able to reach the best basketball league in the world, the NBA.

He never stopped in the face of adversity and accusations

“How is he going to play with that size among the best?” said many basketball fans who had never They had confidence in the Albiceleste point guard. That and several other things. His detractors, especially those who support other clubs, such as Barcelona, ​​gave him a rather cruel and strong nickname, Rotundo Fracazzo. But, of course, the man from Córdoba fought against the strongest of detractors and against all ill-intentioned judgment, for as long as he can remember. And his rewards were having established himself as an elite player throughout Europe, the NBA and his great successes playing for the Argentine national team.

He returned from the NBA to achieve a goal and keep his mouth shut

At 33 years old, Campazzo decided to return to the house where he lived great moments and where he felt valued, loved and appreciated by the fans and the team itself; Real Madrid. His great performances in the current ACB season earned him the Most Valuable Player award in a campaign where the Cordoban averaged 11.4 points, 5.5 assists, 2.3 rebounds and 1.5 rebounds per game. The White House had a more than important record, winning 28 of the 34 games, and they only lost first place against Unicaja due to the tiebreaker.

To win the award, the Argentine managed to accumulate a total of 71 points, surpassing thus the 66.6 achieved by the second most voted, Unicaja pivot Dylan Osetkowski. In what was a fairly close vote, Campazzo was the coaches’ favorite (31 points) and placed second for players and media.

Campazzo is a born winner in Europe

It is the sixth award in Spain that the Córdoba point guard has won. It adds to the Most Valuable Player of the Super Cup (2019, 2020 and 2023), the ACB Final Playoff (2019) and two of the Copa del Rey (2020 and 2024).

Intractable at the Euroleague level

And we must add what he has achieved at the continental level because days ago he was named in the quintet ideal of the Euroleague, the Champions of basketball, confirming that he is the best point guard in Europe at 33 years old. Real won the regular season (27-7) and Campazzo averaged 11.7 points, 6.5 assists and a PIR of 17. Numbers similar to those of the Endesa League, which confirms his ability to lead a team against any rival while also managing the very tough schedules.

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