Family and friends say goodbye to Héctor Bonilla in Fine Arts

Family and friends say goodbye to Héctor Bonilla in Fine Arts

Héctor Bonilla's children and widow decided to remember his joy and good humor.

Héctor Bonilla’s children and widow decided to remember his joy and good humor.

Photo: Edgar Medel / Reform Agency

A Hector Bonilla He did not like tributes, they made him uncomfortable and he tried to avoid them, but being an emblematic figure of art in Mexico, his family and friends were clear that he deserved to receive honors and be fired at the Palace of Fine Arts.

“This is more for us than for him, but no way, now he grinds,” said his widow, Sofia Alvarez.

The ashes of the protagonist of ‘Rojo Amanecer’ arrived at the venue this Monday afternoon around 5:15 p.m. in an urn and were accompanied by applause that gave rise to many family memories.

His children Sergio and Fernando Bonilla, along with their mother, Sofía, decided to remember his joy and good humor, his congruent career, and review his career in the most entertaining way possible, with some jokes, because he would have wanted it that way, because they said that they as relatives did not keep any pending.

“For four years and four days I thought with terror that this day would inevitably come and now I am surrounded by dear friends, my children and family,” said Álvarez.

Thank you for your smiles, cuddles, hugs towards me and Héctor. Thank you, Héctor, for your good humor, for your enormous effort, discipline every day, your immense love for your profession, your family, children, grandchildren, and me. Thank you very much for these four extra years that you gave me“.

His person was praised by the Secretary of Culture Alejandra Frausto and by Demian Bichirwho also accompanied the family.

In addition to being an actor, director and musician, Bonilla was a fan of mariachi, so a group of 11 musicians came in to dedicate songs like “Un Puño de Tierra”, “Rayando el Sol” and “Guitaras Lloren Guitarras” to him.

Then the song “Testamento” was put on a screen, written and performed by Bonilla, whose last verse contains the epitaph chosen by him.

The show is over, don’t be fucking. He who saw me, saw me, nothing remains“, resounded in the voice of the actor.

Although the honors did not end there, since the microphone was open for anyone who wanted to offer him a few words, something that figures such as Damian Alcazar Y Sergio Corona.

His son Sergio Bonilla decided not to finish the show, but to give him his last stage call after the three theater classics.

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