Fan threw a panty at Arcángel on stage and his reaction to smelling it went viral – El Diario NY

Fan threw a panty at Arcángel on stage and his reaction to smelling it went viral – El Diario NY

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The singer Arcángel recently gave a presentation, where he performed his best classics together with those who have supported his artistic career for a long time. In turn, the artists in recent months have been being attacked by fans, and they end up throwing objects at them on the stages and more than one has been injured.

Austin Agustín Santos, the artist’s real name, does not escape the reality to which some are subjected, only that on this occasion he was not attacked, quite the opposite, while It didn’t take long for his reaction to go viral on various platforms.

They also threw panties at the composer, A fact that undoubtedly surprised him and he did not miss the opportunity to smell it and according to what he showed in the audiovisual, he enjoyed it very much.

“I have to have a drink for this, really. Mommy, did you put perfume on it? Because this smells really bad“He began by saying while addressing the public, while highlighting that he would do it again:”I even lost the desire to continue singing, I want to continue smelling this panty“, and when looking at the garment they threw at him, he dedicated the lyrics of his song called “a long time ago.”

Internet users reacted after Arcángel’s video

Social media users quickly began to give their opinion, because many of them found it funny, some said it was surely something planned, while others said they just wished it was really a woman.

But there was a note of pantyhose”, “Keep throwing thongs, panties, bras, that doesn’t hurt you”, “I hope it wasn’t a modern woman who threw it at you”, “Men like that smell. Rich smell”, “That’s the right reaction”, “Archangel being Archangel… I liked their reaction”, “They do that themselves, I don’t think that’s going to be the case with so much confidence.”“, “Let’s hope they belong to someone who was born a woman”, “The smell taster”, “That panty has a smell that sucks”, “Now everyone is going to throw away their pantyhose”, “Those men are worth gold”, “New or used, anyway he smelled them,” were some of the reactions recorded in the post.

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