Fans serenade Shakira and the singer comes out to thank them [Video]

Fans serenade Shakira and the singer comes out to thank them [Video]

Shakira premiered last week a song in collaboration with the Argentine DJ Bizarre, which has generated millions of views on the web, since several people assure that the letter is a clear dedication to their ex-partner Gerard Piqué, with whom he ended his relationship after being together for 12 years and having two children.

Although neither of them gave details about their breaking off, different media pointed out that their romance ended because of an infidelity committed by the retired footballer. In this way, it is how the fans of the Colombian singer have shown their support in networks for her new theme, however, some of them wanted to take it to another level.

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Several fans of the 45 year old interpreter They met at her home to serenade her, so she decided to show up to thank you. The images of this moment were shared by the artist herself, as well as by some of the people who participated in this number.

This was the serenade that took Shakira

The special act carried out by the followers of the latin pop star It happened last weekend. According to stories that she uploaded to her Instagram, before her fans arrived, she was in a meeting with her friends.

“What would be of us without the friends we dry our tears And do they also celebrate our moments?” wrote the exponent of ‘Waka waka’ in the post. It was in this way, as he later posted the instant of the serenade

In the images it is seen how his fans approach to sing the Session #54 what he did with Bizarrap: “He has the name of a good person. It’s clearly not what it sounds like. He has the name of a good person”, people can be heard singing.

This is how, after a few seconds, the winner of the Latin Grammy He approaches his balcony to interact with those people to tell them “Thank you”, and at the same time he blows them kisses, to which the small audience reacts with shouts and applause.

Pique’s mom reacts to Shakira’s new song

After the song of Shakira will generate Thousands of opinions on the internet, some characters from the entertainment industry have decided to react, such was the case of Gerard Piqué’s mother called Montserrat Bernabeu, who supposedly interacted in the publications that talk about this single.

The users they discovered that she “liked” the tweet in which she bizarre made the announcement of the collaboration with the interpreter of ‘Eyes like that’. But it was not the only reaction he made, as it also gave him ‘I like’ to a message that said:

“Excuse me but the image was destroyed by himself, If he’s an asshole, no one blames him, only him. And his career ended because he was cool, he believed that everyone was going to praise his cockiness Do not blame anyone for the evil that accompanies it. I buy the thing about falling in love with her, but not how she acted ”.

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Some time later, the also medical specialist decided to remove those likes, although, netizens were able to capture him screen and they uploaded it back to the web, where they have become a trend.

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