Father of Sergio ‘Checo’ Pérez pays tribute to the career of driver Fernando Alonso with his words – La Opinión

Father of Sergio ‘Checo’ Pérez pays tribute to the career of driver Fernando Alonso with his words – La Opinión

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We are in the race week of the upcoming Miami Grand Prix, one of the most attractive and media in Formula 1, and Mr. Antonio Pérez, father of the successful Red Bull Racing driver, Sergio ‘Checo’ Pérez, has shared statements and quite positive reflections on his son’s performance on the RB20 car, as well as which is his relationship with multiple world champion Max Verstappen, ‘Checo’s’ partner, and also all the respect and admiration he feels for the Spanish driver and former world champion, Fernando Alonso.

Fernando Alonso is an eternal idol

The father of the Mexican pilot had no hesitation in praising and recognizing from beginning to end what he represents and the Asturian driver has achieved it, in addition to saying that he considers that Alonso is experiencing the best moment of his career even though he does not have the best car on the grid: “Right now we are seeing the best Alonso. He is in the best moment of his sports career. Because? Because he does not have the best car and yet he is fighting with the strongest.”

“When he was champion (with Renault) he had the best car. This could apply to Max (Verstappen), “When Max is fighting for the lead in a team that is not as powerful as Red Bull, today you would say Max is the best driver in the world because he is fighting with a car that is not the best in the world.”

‘Checo’ Pérez continues working to be and make a difference

Mr. Antonio also highlighted all the efforts and hard work done by his son to adapt as quickly as possible and in the best way with the driving style that is used today in Formula 1 and especially in Red Bull: “What Checo Pérez has been doing since the beginning of the season is learning how to drive the car. Max style.

Previously, Checo tried to bring the car to his style, but today the car It is more done in Max’s style and that is what Checo is learning, he is on this learning curve. What Checo has to learn is how to feel comfortable with the RB20. But he is very close. To this day he continues to fight for the championship. He is second in the World Cup and we have to wait, the season is very long and we have not seen the best of Checo Pérez yet.”

How is Checo and Max’s relationship going?

Antonio Pérez has made it clear that the relationship between his son and Verstappen “is going much better.” “They are two tigers in the same cage,” he says, acknowledging that “if you ask me who I would like as a teammate for Checo, I would say that I prefer him to be the best in the world.” “Checo is the second best and I hope one day he surpasses Max and has an F1 world champion son,” the Mexican’s father left for granted.

Adrian Newey could leave Red Bull

According to information from the Italian sports media, La Gazzetta Dello Sport, the team British tycoon Lawrence Stroll would be totally open to spending a total of 100 million euros, which would be approximately $107 million dollars on a 4-year contract for Newey.

The amount of money that would be being paid to the English coach is a real possibility since that Aston Martin’s main sponsor is Aramco, a company that is dedicated to oil exploitation and that seeks for its team to win at least one race in the highest category of professional motorsport.

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