Featherweight raises controversy about his next projects by deleting all his Instagram posts – El Diario NY

Featherweight raises controversy about his next projects by deleting all his Instagram posts – El Diario NY

After the recent controversy regarding his breakup with Nicki Nicole, Featherweight has once again “raised” all kinds of comments and rumors due to the recent “cleaning” he carried out on his official Instagram account.

And during the last few hours, the social network of the interpreter of “She dances Alone” drew special attention because all of the singer’s publications disappeared from his account.

After this “unexpected” action, countless followers and fans of the singer speculated that what the Mexican had done would be a publicity strategy to focus on his next tour, called “Exodus”, by some of the main cities in the United States, because it is the only publication that is currently on the singer’s account.

However, there were those who mentioned that Featherweight He did this as a way to leave behind what happened with Nicki Nicole or even as a way to “forget” his recent departure from the Viña del Mar Festival.

Featherweight leaves the controversies behind

It was last February 11 that the names of Featherweight and Nicki Nicole They became a trend due to the circulation of a video where the Mexican is seen walking hand in hand with a woman different from the Argentinian one. Given this, it was the same South American artist who reacted on her social networks by announcing the end of her romantic relationship with the man born in Jalisco after just a few months of having started.

After this event, and given the variety of consequences of the video, such as the reaction of the supposed “woman in discord” and the massive reaction of the followers of Nicole towards the singer, Featherweight He decided to remain silent. However, it was just a couple of days ago that the “Rubicón” singer decided to delete all the photographs in which he appeared with Nicole in various scenarios.

Featherweight and Anitta performing in a show.
Peso Pluma will not perform at the Viña del Mar Festival 2024.
Credit: Mezcalo

After this action, and what seemed like a simple way to leave behind his relationship with Nicky, Featherweight He once again became the protagonist by announcing his departure from the Viña del Mar Festival.

It was the communication area of ​​the famous Chilean festival who announced that Featherweight He had communicated to decline his invitation for “personal reasons.” It is worth mentioning that since the announcement of the Mexican’s presentation at the legendary musical event, Chilean authorities have attacked the singer, but mainly against the organizers, for including Featherweight. This is due, according to detractors, because Mexican music is a clear apology for delinquency and organized crime. Despite criticism, the artist’s presence was confirmed on several occasions.

The Mexican musician Featherweight

However, and after the cancellation of Featherweightwho will be replaced by the Argentine Trueno, revealed that a massive request for refund requests is expected from those people who wanted to see the Mexican.

What’s next for Featherweight?

Featherweight will begin its tour “Exodus” with his presentation at the famous Coachella festival in the city of Indio, California. Subsequently, you will visit a large number of cities: Atlanta, Houston, Salt Lake City, among others.

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