Featherweight reveals the origin of his characteristic haircut: “It was a mistake” – El Diario NY

Featherweight reveals the origin of his characteristic haircut: “It was a mistake” – El Diario NY

Featherweight He returned on the night of May 16 to the show that confirmed his status as an international star in 2023: “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon”.

The Mexican, who presented his song “She dances Alone“In 2023 on the stage of one of the most important talk shows in the United States, he returned to be part of the nighttime program to present his most recent song”The Durango”, but also to talk with Jimmy Fallon for the first time live.

Jimmy Fallon and Featherweight posing.
Jimmy Fallon and Featherweight had a chat at the show.
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During the talk, where the great chemistry that exists between Fallon and the one born in Jalisco, the presenter listed the diversity of recognitions that the Mexican obtained since their previous meeting, such as being the most viewed Latin artist on YouTube in 2023, placing the first Mexican song in the Top 5 of the Billboard Hot 100, among others.

However, one of the topics that caught our attention in the conversation was when Fallon he asked the interpreter of “Lady Gaga” for his characteristic cut, to which the Mexican replied that “it was a mistake.”

Nicki Nicole performing in a show.

How did the Featherweight haircut come about?

After the reaction of everyone present after Featherweight mentioned that his cut was born as a mistake, the same artist clarified that he decided to adopt it because the boys who were in the place where the haircut was done had liked it so much.

They were cutting my hair in Medellín, Colombia. I went to record a video, when I was starting my career, and the stylist was doing it wrong and when I saw the mirror, I noticed that it was so bad that I left it and all the boys who were there went crazy. That’s why I keep it, because all the boys want it.”



After revealing the origin of the cut Featherweight, Fallon He put on a wig similar to the Mexican’s hair style as a way to accentuate his characteristic hair.

In the same conversation, Featherweight was questioned about the encounter he had with Jay Zone of the singer’s great inspirations, during the last awards ceremony Grammy. Given this, the Mexican mentioned that he was able to talk with the legendary musician and mention that his work had inspired him.

In addition, Featherweight He also took the time to explain the origin of his name, which he took from his own weight as well as his inspiration from the Mexican boxer Marco Antonio Barrerain addition to talking about his childhood when Fallon showed a photo of him as a child.

Finally, and after his talk with Fallonthe Mexican singer took the stage again for “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon“to interpret his theme”The Durango” along with the group Armed Link.

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