Featherweight speaks for the first time about the kiss he shared with Anitta: “It was great” – El Diario NY

Featherweight speaks for the first time about the kiss he shared with Anitta: “It was great” – El Diario NY

After the controversial kiss that the Mexican singer shared Featherweight and the Brazilian interpreter Anittaduring the last Pal’Norte Festival, the one born in Jalisco decided to break the silence and talk about what happened during his most recent appearance at the iHeart Awards 2024.

It was great, it was his birthday, we had a good time. Tecate Pal’ Norte had a good time and Mexico had a good time”



It is worth remembering that the “Mil Veces” singer performed on the night of March 30 on the stage of the Monterrey festival. During her presentation, the Brazilian was surprised by the singer, who appeared in front of thousands of people with a cake in the shape of the butt of Anitta as well as a mariachi to celebrate the artist’s birthday.

What did Featherweight say about the romance rumors with Anitta?

After its sudden appearance, and thanks to the large number of videos that went viral, you can see how Featherweight He asked Anitta a kiss. Given this, the singer reacted immediately and approached the Mexican to share a “piquito” kiss, which motivated the audience even more.

Featherweight posing.

Given this action, rumors about a possible relationship between both Latin singers began to emerge on various social networks. However, and during the same conversation that he gave in his appearance in the iHeart Awards 2024the singer clarified all the rumors with a simple phrase.



It is worth mentioning that Anitta and Featherweight They began their working “relationship” after releasing the song “Bellakeo” during the end of 2023. After the publication of the song, both artists presented the song, for the first time, during the last TikTik In The Mix, the first global live music event organized by Billboard.

In this presentation, both Featherweight as Anitta They quickly became a trend due to the “sensual” dance they performed. It was even mentioned that the Mexican looked uncomfortable being so close to the Brazilian artist. It should be remembered that during that time, the performer of “She Baila Sola” was a partner of the Argentine singer Nicki Nicole.

Featherweight and Anitta dancing.
Anitta has not given any statement regarding the kiss with Peso Pluma.
Credit: Mezcalo

For the previous reason, a large number of users mentioned that the Mexican woman’s uncomfortable behavior was due to the fact that Featherweight I was “in love” with Nicole and I didn’t want to cause any controversy by dancing so close to Anitta.

Despite the diversity of theories, Featherweight and Nicki Nicole They ended their relationship last February after the controversial video in which the man born in Jalisco appears walking hand in hand with another woman in Las Vegas.

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