Ferdinando Valencia assures that he has evidence of medical negligence in the death of his son – El Diario NY

Ferdinando Valencia assures that he has evidence of medical negligence in the death of his son – El Diario NY

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After four years of the unfortunate death of one of the twins of Ferdinand Valencia and Brenda Kellerman due to bacterial meningitis, the actor recently confessed that, although he can now better handle the pain of losing his little one, know that this event could have been avoided.

In a brief meeting with the press, the actor assured that he has evidence that in the hospital where little Dante was treated, there was malpractice on the part of the doctors; However, he clarified that he does not plan to take legal action.

When asked by reporters whether he plans to sue those responsible for the negligence, the actor answered bluntly.

I don’t plan to sue, nor have I thought about it. What I can swear by my holy mother is that I have evidence and that there are people responsible, that there was negligencebut there are things that are sacred to me and that I am not going to capitalize on, even if you are right, he stated.”

“I don’t want to spend a penny feeling that it comes from one of my life tragedies and for which my family has also suffered. I leave it there, I leave it to God. I have a beautiful life, I have a beautiful family and from there we hold on. I don’t want to be part of the list of people who live complaining. There are many good things to see, Those are the ones I cling to.“added Ferdinando.

Finally, Ferdinando assured that he has known how to take refuge in his wife Brenda Kellerman, and in Tadeo, the other of his twins, and currently has a life in which he makes the most of each of the moments he spends by her side.

“What happened was God’s will, it is more comfortable to think about it that way. It is a necessity to believe that there is someone who makes decisions for you, that takes a great weight off our backs and makes us turn to calmly see what lies ahead. We have to concentrate where we should be, because I still have others to take care of”.

Regarding whether he has resorted to therapy to heal the departure of his son, Ferdinando said:

“I have done it, they calm you down, but the truth is, they do not relieve you or heal you. “You learn to live with that, you learn to live like that, you have to put your chest to the bullets, you have to always look for the good.”

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