Fernando Colunga and Blanca Soto would have welcomed their first child on March 1 – El Diario NY

Fernando Colunga and Blanca Soto would have welcomed their first child on March 1 – El Diario NY

After the spread of a large number of rumors and speculations, Fernando Colunga and Blanca Soto They would have debuted as parents on March 1. And according to various media, the interpreter of “The Hex” would have welcomed his first child, along with the Mexican actress, in a hospital in the city of Miami, Florida. However, it was until this moment that various details about the birth were released.

According to the Mexican publication, which provided the premise, both stars kept the birth a total secret. It was even mentioned that Colunga He made the specialists, who were part of the process, sign a confidentiality contract so as not to reveal information about the child.

Despite the above, various details were revealed about the firstborn of Colungawho would have weighed just over 2 kilograms in addition to measuring 43 centimeters.

Fernando Colunga posing.
Fernando Colunga will participate in the soap opera “El Conde”.
Credit: Mezcalo

Fernando Colunga becomes a father at 58

As revealed by the same publication, Fernando Colunga He was involved in the entire birth, from start to finish. It was even mentioned that the man born in Mexico City recorded the birth, took photographs in addition to cutting the newborn’s umbilical cord.

In the same report it was noted that both parents cried with happiness when they saw their new son, whose name and appearance are still unknown.

Fernando Colunga posing.

Until now, and due to the nature of the event and the refusal of Colunga To talk about his private life, both the actor and the baby’s mother have not issued any type of information in this regard.

Were the rumors true?

During the second half of 2023, a large number of national and international media revealed that Fernando Colunga and Blanca Soto They had decided to become parents for the first time.

Although both stars decided to keep these rumors completely secret, various media revealed a series of details and clues that certified the actress’ pregnancy.

Blanca Soto posing.
Blanca Soto has not mentioned anything regarding her supposed motherhood.
Credit: Mezcalo

Even, and prior to the revelation of the rumors about the paternity of Colungathe actor born in Mexico City He revealed in previous interviews his intention and enthusiasm for becoming a father. In these talks, the interpreter of “María Mercedes” confessed, in a comical way, that he had already begun the process to carry out this wish.

It is worth mentioning that the Mexican artist recently finished his participation in the series “The Hex”. However, the actor will return faster than expected thanks to the launch, in the coming months, of his new work: “Count”.

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