Fernando Gago assures that there was a penalty in favor of Chivas that was not whistled against América – La Opinion

Fernando Gago assures that there was a penalty in favor of Chivas that was not whistled against América – La Opinion

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Fernando Gago assured, after the 0-0 draw against América, that they did not give him a penalty in a play on Roberto Alvarado in the 33rd minute of the first half.

For Gago, The play was a clear penalty that the referee Fernando Hernández Gómez did not whistle that left a bitter pill on his performance during the Mexican soccer classic.

“Penalty. The headbutt they give to Roberto Alvarado is a very clear penalty. Very similar to the one in Mazatlán, equal or worse, it was a very clear penalty,” declared Fernando Gago at a press conference after the game.

The Argentine coach stated that he feels harmed by the refereeing, something that caused him “anger.”

“It is one thing to feel today in a particular situation and harmed,” he indicated. “I don’t think there is something, on the contrary, “I have always been very supportive of VAR, but when it doesn’t work it makes me angry.”

Chivas studies whether to file a complaint about the arbitration

Fernando Gago also responded to whether the Chivas de Guadalajara are considering filing a claim against Liga MX after the arbitration, but the Argentine coach stated that this was Fernando Hierro’s responsibility.

“Those things are handled by Fernando, the president, in order to speak, I don’t know what it’s like and I’m not interested,” he said. “What yes, the feeling it gives me is anger in a situation that was fundamental. “We don’t know what can happen after the penalty, but I think it was a clear penalty.”

Regarding the game itself, Gago assured that the team played well, but did not have the depth they wanted.

“In the first half we lacked depth; At times we did what we wanted to do, attack; In the second we were better, the team found situations, space and we began to dominate”he said at a press conference.

Gago assured that he liked the performance of his team that played the game and fought to get the score ahead.

The red and white team fell to eleventh place in the standings with 16 points out of a possible 36 points; He has four games won, four draws and the same number of losses.

The strategist explained that he has the support of the sports director, the Spanish Fernando Hierro, but said he is aware that his project requires results.

“I have a constant dialogue with Fernando. There is an idea of ​​work; “The word project in football only exists if there are results,” he stated.

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