Find out!  This is how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be shown on Netflix

Find out! This is how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be shown on Netflix

The countdown began for the premiere of the documentary series that explores the intimacy of the Dukes of Sussex, “Harry and Meghan” on Netflix. On December 8, the popular protagonists will narrate “the complete truth” of the suffering to which they were subjected by the press and the British royal family.

In the trailer, Harry blurts out – intending to fire up the audience – “No one knows the whole truth. We know the whole truth », as he stares into the camera.

Little by little, some characteristics of the project have been revealed. The latest to be announced is that the series has been split into two volumes, totaling six episodes. Three will be released on December 8 and another three on December 15, so better dose it.

“In this unprecedentedly comprehensive documentary series, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex tell their side of their well-known love story.” This is how Netflix promotes the audiovisual that analyzes the clandestine beginnings of their relationship. In addition, it brings to light the problems that made them feel compelled to leave their duties in the British institution.

“I was terrified, I didn’t want history to repeat itself,” says the prince, while images of his mother, Diana of Wales, are projected on the screen. She who, by the way, died in 1997 in a traffic accident in Paris, while she was running from the photographers who harassed her day and night.

Pure show?

Moved to tears, actress Meghan Markle says: “I realized that they were never going to protect me.”

The series relies on testimonials from family and friends, many of whom have never spoken publicly about them. To give it strength, historians comment on the current state of the Commonwealth and the relationship of the British royal family with the press. According to Netflix, there are forceful statements that speak of classism and racism to which the American actress was subjected.

Directed by Liz Garbus, a two-time Oscar nominee and winner of two Emmy Awards, the series has been produced by Story Syndicate. It is achieved in association with Diamond Docs and Archewell Productions, the production company that Harry and Meghan founded after moving to the United States in 2020. The year in which they decided to stop working for the British royal family and become financially independent.

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