Find out which surnames with which you can obtain Canadian nationality

Find out which surnames with which you can obtain Canadian nationality

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One of the most important steps for migrants that live in Canada is to get the citizenship with which they can obtain more rights as well as obligations and become something beyond a temporary resident and although all the processes and procedures entail certain requirements and are somewhat lengthy, there is always a way to facilitate the process and today we will tell you something that we could take advantage of. .

And this is one of the great dreams that many people have, to be able to become citizens of the countries they live in or in which they want to live, mainly in United States or Canada and much more the latter for the type of life you can give yourself and have with greater quality.

The search opportunities Outside your country of origin it is always to have a better quality of life and not only that, but also a good job, better schools, higher salaries, for you and your family, so now we will tell you that your last name could help in this and be of great benefit.


What are the surnames that facilitate your Canadian citizenship process?

A great advantage that many can have when processing citizenship is having one of the 20 surnames that will help you speed up the entire process and invest less time, meaning that everything will become much more agile and below we will give you the complete list.

  • Anderson
  • brown
  • Campbell
  • cote
  • Gagnon
  • Gauthier
  • Johnson
  • Jones
  • Leblanc
  • read
  • McDonald
  • Martin
  • Miller
  • Roy
  • Smith
  • Taylor
  • Thompson
  • Tremblay
  • Williams
  • Wilson

The importance of having these surnames to obtain Canadian citizenship is because they are considered important for belonging to the first settlers and historical citizens of the North American country and their origin is Anglo-Saxon or French, so they believe that you have a greater connection with the culture and history.

It is important to take into account that to carry out this procedure you must meet a series of requirements such as: having Canadian descent. have been a resident in Canada for a certain period of time, have knowledge about the country’s values, as well as language skills such as English or French, along with applying for citizenship on the Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship of Canada (IRCC) website.

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