Florida launches EMPLOYMENT for bilingual Latinas without studies;  the pay is 26 dollars an hour

Florida launches EMPLOYMENT for bilingual Latinas without studies; the pay is 26 dollars an hour

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If you are reviewing job vacancies in Floridaperhaps the one with a family from Orlando will be of interest to you. It is nothing less than a lucrative babysitting job where you will be paid $23 to $26 an hour; That is, for a work week you would earn up to 1040 dollars (about 17,309.14 Mexican pesos.) Of course, since you will work directly for an advertising family, they are the ones who set the requirements specific for you to take care of his daughter. You can read them below:

Requirements for the job vacancy in Florida that pays up to $26 an hour

In this employment vacancy in Floridayou will be in charge of taking care of a 5-year-old girl. It is her parents who will be your direct bosses, so all communication will be through them. As it is a girl with a very active character due to her age and personality; her parents have mentioned requirements very punctual for whoever gets the job. Although a specific educational level is not required, you must meet the following to be considered a possible candidate:

  • 100% bilingual proficiency in Spanish and English
  • Be reliable, hard-working, dedicated, organized and mature
  • Be excellent in communication with children
  • It is highly desirable to have worked caring for children with different families and/or schools
  • Be willing to take on various household management tasks
  • It is highly desirable to have a certificate in CPR (first aid)
  • Have a valid driver’s license and be a responsible driver
  • To know how to swim

Job Vacancy Features in Florida That Pays Up to $26 an Hour

If you believe that you successfully comply with the requirements for this employment vacancy in Floridayou can apply via the SimplyHired portal, which in turn will be your intermediary to the family you will work with. Due to requirements And at the age of your little ‘client,’ you may already have an idea of ​​the type of tasks you will complete each day to earn up to $26 an hour. However, so that you are more familiar with your schedule, here is a list of your daily duties:

  • Take care of the girl and be a role model for her
  • Take her to school and her different classes
  • Prepare healthy meals and snacks
  • Play with the girl inside or outside the home.
  • Plan activities and educational outings.
  • Wash the girl’s clothes
  • Home management when the girl is in school
  • Do some shopping for the family
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