Florida launches EMPLOYMENT for people who speak SPANISH with a salary of $5,600 per month

Florida launches EMPLOYMENT for people who speak SPANISH with a salary of $5,600 per month


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Being bilingual is a skill that not the entire population has, which is why companies highly value workers who have this ability. If you are one of these lucky ones and are looking for employment in Floridawe have found a vacancy that surely fits what you are looking for. The position is full-time and the salary to be received is more than $5,600 per hour. If you want to know the requirements and apply for this incredible opportunity, read on for more details.

At the #1 SPA company, located in Tampa, Floridaare hiring Latino workers who are immediately available to start work and who are willing to work remotely. One of the job vacancies that they have just opened is for a position in their customer service area, which is full-time and from home with flexible hours to choose from and a salary that starts from 1,403 to a maximum of 1,470 dollars per week, that is, between 5,600 and 5,8080 dollars per month. This is a supervisory position, so they ask you to have previous experience in a similar position.

Florida Employment Requirements:

The ideal candidate must be a bilingual person who is able to speak both English and Spanish fluently and also meet the requirements that are listed below, since they are necessary to be able to correctly carry out the activities involved in the work day as a customer service supervisor.

  • Speak Spanish
  • Computer and technology knowledge
  • Inventory knowledge
  • Customer Support
  • Skills in auditing, investigating and resolving customer service issues
  • Able to pass criminal and drug background tests
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 4 to 6 years of previous work experience in a supervisory position
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How to apply for a customer service job in Florida?

The job offer for the customer service position in Florida was originally published by the company on the Simply Hired online portal, where they will be receiving applications from candidates interested in joining their team of workers. Click here to open the page and submit your CV online. Only if you comply with the requirements and the skills the role requires, you will be contacted in the coming days to schedule an interview.

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