For Carlos Salcido, Chivas deserve to be finalists because of the group they have put together – La Opinion

For Carlos Salcido, Chivas deserve to be finalists because of the group they have put together – La Opinion

Carlos Salcido on the phone, one of the great bastions of Chivas in the new century and an important thermometer of the most demanding duel in Mexican soccer for the red and white fans, where they win or lose with América in the National Classic It is a matter of self-love, who cares for The opinionto ensure that the Sacred Flock deserves to be a finalist in the duel that he will hold the day before against his hated adversary.

Under this premise, for Salcido, the important thing for the team led by the Argentine Fernando Gago will be to enjoy the game, to show on the field the important things they have achieved in the current championship and that is a manifestation of their own commitment. with these demanding colors in Aztec football.

“They should enjoy the game, because it gives me pleasure to see even on social networks, the good group they have made, it is seen that they get along very well. I think this part is very important for the group. I’m glad to see them like this, I’m glad to see that they’re enjoying themselves, I’m glad to see the commitment they are making and I hope they can have a good pass to the grand final, I think they are trying to do it, I would be very happy that they would achieve it“.

The former Guadalajara defender also assured that it will be important to impose his conditions on the field of play in order to achieve a double merit that will represent winning in the most important match for the Chivahermanos in the championship. and at the same time get the ticket to the grand final.

“We all know that América is a rival that plays football well, has quality players, it is an important match, you are playing for a place in the final, against the sportingly hated rival, where the victory over América will mean a double merit, What will it be like to reach a final and at the same time leave them on the road, So I think it’s a special match, “It’s complicated, but I have a lot of faith that Chivas can advance.”

The defender also recognized that Chivas has to play an important game like they did against Toluca, which meant eliminating the Red Devils in the quarterfinals: “They have to be a game like they played against América at the Akron Stadium, they have to be very intense, closing those circuits of the important people of America, trying to be dynamic against a rival who is struggling a bit in that aspect, perhaps due to the accumulation of the game and I think that Chivas has it on that side, the dynamism and I think Chivas can advance if they continue along this line.

The former defender of the Guadalajara team denied that at the end of the match there will be drama if Chivas does not achieve its goal of eliminating the Águilas: “I don’t think that will happen, because I believe Chivas will advance, I have a lot of faith in Chivas play the final, the group deserves it, they deserve it for what they are doing, I think they have had very good chemistry with the coach.”

And he added that: “You can see that they are enjoying it, you can see that they enjoy being in the group, and this is an important sign when it comes to playing, when it comes to training. There is a commitment from the team and it is well deserved, they have it.”

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Carlos Salcido wrote many important stories against América in the National Classic. Photo: Alejandra Suárez/Imago7.

To conclude, he stated that: “I hope we have satisfaction today, today we have to be a fan of this team, we have to be with them, we have to support them. I hope that personally, first they fulfill the objective they have, then they enjoy it and thirdly they give great satisfaction to all of us Chivabrothers.

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