For refusing to steal his motorcycle, a man in Mexico was killed with a shot to the head

The victim's sister was the one who gave details of the fatal events.

The victim鈥檚 sister was the one who gave details of the fatal events.

Photo: Pedro PARDO / AFP / Getty Images

A man who was on his motorcycle on an avenue in the Ixtapaluca area, was killed by a thief who tried to steal his transportbut when he refused, he pointed it directly at his head and then fled the place.

The authorities responded to the emergency call for a man who had been shot, upon arrival they discovered the victim鈥檚 body on the ground with the motorcycle on it. The man was identified as Daniel 鈥淣鈥, 27 years old, who was accompanied by his sister and was the one who testified what happened.

According to the municipal police report, the victim鈥檚 sister said that Daniel had just leave your home on your motorcycle of the Yamaha brand, when a man approached him to try to steal his vehicle, specified the newspaper La Prensa.

Refusing the robbery, the suspect drew a firearm and he aimed directly at the head firing a bullet. The subject ran away from the scene to meet another man who was waiting for him on a motorcycle and fled the scene, testified by the victim鈥檚 sister, who during that time spoke to the emergency room.

Medical services arrived in the area and despite the fact that Daniel was wearing a helmet, it was impossible to save him and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Agents from the Public Ministry arrived at the area where the accident occurred and after the preliminary investigations, they opened a file to continue with the process, since They need to find the whereabouts of the alleged murderer.

The authorities revealed that the search for the suspect will be through the security cameras both private and publicas well as the information that witnesses of the fatal accident can provide, reported the same media outlet.

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