For Ricardo La Volpe América is a favorite, but he does not rule out a surprise from Anselmi with Cruz Azul – La Opinion

For Ricardo La Volpe América is a favorite, but he does not rule out a surprise from Anselmi with Cruz Azul – La Opinion

Faithful to his direct, punctilious style, without trying to please anyone other than his football philosophy, the Argentine technical director Ricardo La Volpe made América the favorite. in the grand final of the Clausura 2024 tournament due to the greater quality of his individualities, but he did not rule out that the great work of his compatriot Martín Anselmi could give the Águilas a surprise.

Due to the individualities, América is the favorite, the doubt is that they do not have the same performance as the last tournament who were champions. I think last year’s America was clearer and deeper, because the individualities were much more creative. Diego Valdés was more effective, but I know they have the quality of the players,” said La Volpe in a conversation with La Opinión.

So if Valdés gets back on track, having that brilliance and Fidalgo with greater easeAmerica has a 15 or 20 percent greater chance of being crowned because of those individualities, I think they have more punch than Cruz Azul. I think Cruz Azul has a good system, it worked well for them, but I think and see it is more inferior to Cruz Azul,” La Volpe added.

However, La Volpe did not completely rule out the Machine that could cause a surprise in Sunday’s game and valued the work of his compatriot Martín Anselmi, who he said did a great job of leading a team who was in 15th place in the table in the previous tournament to a grand final.

“Martín Anselmi’s work is clear, but if you tell me that he did not win the final, well, the work is there. I think there are 90 minutes left, there is no clarity that he has already won this one or he has already won the other one. It is true that on Sunday there may be a larger América crowd at the Azteca Stadium than there was the other day at the Azul Stadium, but I tell my players, people don’t play; We continue playing 11 against 11, they are the same dimensions of the court, and there is no excuse for height either.“commented La Volpe.

That can’t hurt you either, there is no advantage for either of you.. Furthermore, there may be changes in the lineups, especially in Cruz Azul, because I believe and am sure that América will take the field with the same eleven men and Cruz Azul may send the Uruguayan Camilo Cándido and Carlos Rotondi will appear later, as well as Ángel Sepúlveda playing forward with Uriel Antuna.”

La Volpe does not share an opinion with the press

In turn, Ricardo La Volpe did not share the opinions that circulate on social networks and in various media outlets regarding whether Cruz Azul will be defeated on Sunday..

Imago 46727
Ricardo La Volpe recognizes that the coin is up in the air in the grand final between América and Cruz Azul, despite the fact that the Águilas have an advantage due to their powerful squad. Photo: Imago7.

“The press has one way of thinking and I have a different one. For me, Martín Anselmi did a spectacular job reaching the final, with a team that last season was far behind, in 15th place in the table. I think that the work is demonstrated, I think that both the technicians and the other have reached a final It is already a success and not a failure, as some say if they lose. I think that the criticism is to sell, that to do a well-done analysis, I think that every team that reaches a grand final had a great season,” he specified.

Finally, La Volpe explained that another point in favor of América It is the depth of their squad, of high quality players, both on the field and on the bench and that when it comes to fighting for a result makes a difference.

“We know that America is more about the individualism of its players, they have Álvaro Fidalgo who breaks forward, they have Jonathan Dos Santos behind them and they go forward with Diego Valdés, with Julián Quiñones, with Alejandro Zendejas and with Henry Martín. Without a doubt, a team with a lot of quality players, they have more bench and in a match When Carlos Rotondi gets tired after 60 minutes, there is no one to replace him, so the América bench gives them an advantage,” he concluded.

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