For the refreshments!  Wendy Guevara gives money to heated reporters;  fans applaud the gesture – 24 Hours

For the refreshments! Wendy Guevara gives money to heated reporters; fans applaud the gesture – 24 Hours

And the one that can! A video that captured the laudable gesture that the winner of La Casa de los Famosos México had, Wendy Guevaraafter giving money to heated reporters; The fans applaud his act.

Wendy Guevara, the Mexican actress and host, recently captured the spotlight after making a moving gesture by giving money to reporters who were under the sun to buy water and soft drinks.

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It all happened when Guevara left the Televisa facilities in her truck, where different media outlets approached her to interview her, but after observing the tenacity of the reporters to wait under the sun, the influencer gave them money so they could buy something to hydrate themselves. .

Meanwhile, she took out a wad of 500 bills from her purse and asked one of the reporters to distribute the amount for the drinks.

“It is because the net […] Oh, don’t look at how they are all sweaty, in the sun, don’t suck […] Have them buy the mamona waters – Don’t keep it in your chichis, it’s for everyone, Wendy joked. Buy yourself a water or a soft drink, ‘one of cola’… I send you good vibes, friends, take care of yourselves.”

As expected, her gesture was worthy of applause, since the content creator reminded many of the importance of solidarity and empathy, regardless of the social class to which you belong.

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“And Wendy did it not to be wasteful or look good, but because she is kind. Those of us who have followed her since her beginning on YouTube know that she is the one who invites the food, the one who “triggers” the waters, because he knows that money comes and goes. “She knows what it’s like to be hungry and thirsty.”

“They criticize her for being trans, but she is cool. Few people take pity on journalists, who spend many hours on their feet, enduring the weather.”

“Journalists *no one had ever cared so much about me”


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