For this reason they accuse Belinda of being “bad pay” – Chévere

For this reason they accuse Belinda of being “bad pay” – Chévere

Belinda is once again in the eye of the hurricane. The singer could face Mexican justice twice, as a company sued her for breaching a contract and, also, a former worker of the interpreter could do the same for not paying her a penny.

During a broadcast of the “Venga la alegría” program, journalist Gabriel Cuevas assured that Belinda had a contract with a shoe company, which would have sued her for non-compliance.

“Belinda had been hired for this brand of footwear and she had not complied, for which they sued her for breach of contract, because she had been paid before the pandemic,” he explained.

However, everything seems to indicate that the lawsuit ended well. According to Cuevas everything was solved. «The one who had done everything, and not in the best way, had been the singer’s mother… I think those frictions have already passed, this event has already taken place; That speaks of the fact that maybe and it was the last one, to finalize the pending contract, “she said.

However, the controversy continues against her, as the interpreter was allegedly also accused by an excorist, who alleges that the actress also did not pay her a penny for her services.

“Thalía Cota was Belinda’s showgirl, she never paid her or several of them and these women have filed a complaint for breach of contract for a long time, and to this day they have not been paid,” said Gabriel Cuevas.

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