Ford Recalls Nearly 340,000 Mustangs Over Faulty Wires in Reversing Camera System

Ford is recalling 330,784 Mustangs from model years 2015-2017 for concerns that your rearview cameras might be too dim to use or just cut yourself off completely.

Ford Mustang 2015
2015 Ford Mustang. / Photo: Courtesy of Ford.

What is the specific issue affecting Mustangs?

The problem is due to a faulty wiring harness inside the Mustang鈥檚 tailgate that may become loose or damaged. Fortunately, the fix for this problem is quite simple and involves replacing the trunk lid harness or, in some cases, the rear view camera.

Ford Mustang 2017
Ford Mustang 2017. / Photo: Courtesy of Ford.

Ford will fix it for free

This recall, like all recalls, will be performed free of charge by your local Ford dealer. Owners of affected vehicles can expect to receive a notification from Ford in the mail around March 7.

Ford Mustang 2017
The 2017 Ford Mustang has a V8 type engine.

Withdrawal number for more information

If you believe your Mustang is one of the affected vehicles and you have questions about the recall, you can call the Ford customer service department at 1-866-436-7332 and mention the reference recall number 22S06. The Ford team will assist you and clarify any doubts you have regarding the subject.



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