Former Chivas players comment that Chicote Calderón never had an identity in the Sacred Flock – La Opinión

Former Chivas players comment that Chicote Calderón never had an identity in the Sacred Flock – La Opinión

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Cristian “Chicote” Calderón has earned his position with a good game in América after his arrival from Chivas. This for some former players of the Sacred Flock means that they never felt the shirt.

Felipe Robles, former Chivas player, commented that he never saw him with the identity of the Guadalajara team, but that he respects that he is where he wants to be.

“Honestly, he never showed his Chivas identity. I never saw it like that, as typical of Chivas; in fact he emerged in Atlas. I never saw him as wanting the shirt very much. Now, I respect a lot that being on whatever team he is in wants to show that he loves it,” Robles said in an interview with ESPN.

The former Flock player commented that perhaps it was difficult for Chicote Calderón to stand out in Chivas since it is a team where “colors matter.”

“It’s like it’s more difficult to play for Chivas; The colors are heavy. Thats the reality. He was very outstanding in Necaxa and in Chivas he was not the same. Now he arrives in America and once again excels. So that he sees that it is also difficult for him to play for Chivas,” he reiterates.

Going from Chivas to America was something unthinkable in previous years

For Martín Zuñiga, leaving the Sacred Flock for America was something unthinkable many years ago, but then there are several antecedents that have given rise to cases like Cristian Calderón.

Already playing with Chivas I had to see those first changes of Ramón to América, by Ricardo Peláez, who came from Necaxa and Luis García for Chivas. These are different times and we have to adapt and then it will depend on each footballer what he has in his head,” adds Martín Zúñiga.

José Chuy Mendoza advised Cristian Calderón to continue showing his good game and that being on a good team is good for a footballer like him.

“Obviously, he fell into a better club than the one he came from.”, with much higher quality players who help him a lot to perform better, and he has done it well. He has played well on the team and I think that in one way or another people are identifying because of that.”

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