Former coach defends Ryan García despite confirming positive for Ostarina in doping test – La Opinión

Former coach defends Ryan García despite confirming positive for Ostarina in doping test – La Opinión

Joe Goossen, Ryan García’s former coach, came to his defense and He does not believe that the Californian has used a drug to enhance his performance for the fight with Devin Haney, despite the fact that sample B also confirmed the presence of Ostarina this Thursday.

In an interview with BoxingScene, Goossen expressed that García is one of the best fighters he has trained and assured that King Ry would never do something like that knowing that this could put his boxing career at risk.

“I’ve known Ryan since he was a teenager and I have nothing but good things to say about him because he has a big heart. He is one of the best fighters I have ever trained. He’s so talented he’s not even funny. He has it all. I coached Ryan for two years straight and I’ve never seen anything remotely like the same galaxy they’re talking about now.“, said.

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Ryan Garcia also failed the B sample analysis from his fight against Devin Heney. Photo Courtesy: Cris Esqueda/Golden Boy Promotions.

“It wasn’t even talked about. Ryan would never knowingly do something like that. When he trained with me, he was dedicated. He always worked hard. Nothing about Ryan would lead me to even speculate in that direction. No way. Something is not right. I can’t point the finger at Ryan. None of that makes sense to me. “Not in my wildest dreams can I conceive of Ryan Garcia intentionally doing something that could jeopardize his career in such a way,” he added.

Ryan García, who has not commented on the matter, previously stated that everything is a conspiracy against him and he made it clear that he is not a cheater. On the other hand, the Californian’s legal team did and assured that it was all about contamination for a supplement.

With the confirmation of the positive PED test, the New York State Athletic Commission must schedule a hearing for King Ry and, according to Dan Rafael, this will take place in the summer. The Californian could face a suspension, a fine for failing the doping test and the annulment of the victory against Haney. A few days ago, he assured that if he is banned from boxing for life, he will create his own league. to promote their own fights.

Since the fight between Haney and King Ry was announced, everything was very controversial. The Californian had erratic behavior in press conferences and social networks where he admitted that he smoked marijuana and drank alcohol. Everyone thought that King Ry’s mental health was bad, but everything was planned and The Dream fell into his rival’s game. Now a new controversy is added to this soap opera after the Californian’s doping.

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Devin Haney wants the result of the fight to be changed to victory due to disqualification of Ryan García. Photo Courtesy: Cris Esqueda/Golden Boy Promotions.

In addition to drugs and drink, Ryan García tested positive for Ostarine the day before and after the fight against Devin Haney, according to a letter sent to the parties involved by the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) and to which ESPN had access. 19-Norandrosterone was also detected, but shortly afterwards it was confirmed that this substance was not present in the sample.

After hearing the news, Haney asked the New York State Athletic Commission to change the result of the fight to a victory and thus recover his undefeated record. Likewise, The Dream made it clear that he does not want any revenge with the Californian after what happened.

Ryan Garcia, 24, He debuted successfully in the new category after knocking out Óscar Duarte and now he shocked the world by defeating Devin Haney, WBC champion. The Mexican-American boxer has a record of 25 wins (20 by knockout) and one setback in his professional career.

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