Former colleagues of Shohei Ohtani gave their opinion on the investigation in the case related to Ippei Mizuhara – La Opinión

Former colleagues of Shohei Ohtani gave their opinion on the investigation in the case related to Ippei Mizuhara – La Opinión

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In recent conversations with USA TODAY Sports, Anaheim Angels playerswho were free last Thursday and were able to have time to talk to the media, expressed their thoughts and also their feelings about the news that is causing a stir in the world of baseball and sports in general.

The scandal that surrounds the Japanese and new player of the Los Angeles DodgersShohei Ohtani and his former interpreter Ippei Mizuhara for a federal investigation related to sports betting, has been on everyone’s lips and on this occasion Ohtani’s former teammates spoke about it.

Both Mike Trout, star player of the Anaheim franchise, as well as Patrick Sandovalwho was one of the players who had a fairly close relationship with Shohei Ohtani, expressed being in deep shock, very impressed at having heard the news about apparent sports bets by the recent American League Most Valuable Player and his former interpreter .

Ippei first confirmed to ESPN that the Japanese player, Shohei Ohtani, paid a total of $4.5 million of dollars to cover your gambling losses. But despite this, the story would later change when the Japanese representatives made it clear that Mizuhara had actually stolen said amount of money.

Ippei was an important and respected figure in the Dodgers clubhouse since he was the one who communicated the Japanese with the rest of his teammates, so he had a good relationship with them, as well as the technical staff.

Mickey Moniak is another of Ohtani’s former teammates who also had words about the whole betting scandal.

Statements from Mickey Moniak, Ohtani’s former teammate.

“Shocked as anyone. I definitely had no inclination nor information that would lead to that. Definitely surprised.” said Angels outfielder Mickey Moniak.

Ohtani is a fairly quiet and reserved person.

Many other players preferred not to express any opinion about the whole scandal. who is currently making a lot of noise around Ohtani, but players like the aforementioned franchise player in Anaheim, Mike Trout, commented at the time that Shoehi Ohtani was so reserved and quiet, that no one on the team knew that he had a girlfriend, much less that he There were already plans to get married at the beginning of 2024.

Statements from Patrick Sandoval, Angels pitcher.

“That’s all I can say about it. “This is something really strange,” Sandoval commented.

Ippi Mizuhara was another member of the team

In the midst of Ohtani’s rise and establishment to international stardom with the Angels, Mizuhara was equally liked and respected in the organization’s clubhouse, and players like Trout referred to him as “one of the guys.” At no time was there any type of conversations about gambling or participation in clubhouse groups by any of them, at least no player stated otherwise.

Mizuhara, who moved to Southern California from Japan at the age of 7, speaks Japanese and English fluent and had a more outgoing personality in the club house, much more so than Ohtani himself. However, other than playing poker, there was no indication that Mizuhara engaged in any type of gambling so the news surprised many in Anaheim.

Matthew Bowyer, the alleged bookie with whom Mizuhara had interactions to carry out the same and with whom he apparently has been friends for some time, is currently under federal investigation for allegedly carrying out an illegal betting operation. On the other hand, Ohtani’s legal team claims that Mizuhara stole millions from Ohtani’s bank account to settle his gambling debts to Bowyer.

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